How should I plan on Hotstar for reaching my marketing objectives?

How should I plan on Hotstar for reaching my marketing objectives?

Before you create a campaign on AdServe, it is important to identify your marketing objective. A marketing objective is what you'd want your campaign to achieve. 

On AdServe, we've categorized goals into three broad objectives: 

1. Brand Awareness
Increase awareness of your brand or product. You will be billed on impressions of views depending on the ad format selected. 

Here are the ad formats available for brand awareness objective: 
  1. Pre-Roll Video Ads 
  2. Mid-roll Video Ads
  3. Native Frames Display Ads
  4. In-Stream Display Ads
2. Consideration
Send users to your website or landing page. You will be billed on clicks. 

Here are the ad formats available for consideration objective: 
  1. Native Frames Display Ads 
  2. Spotlight Stubs 
  3. in-Stream Display Ads 
3. Impact
Reach a large user base in a short span of time. You will be billed on impressions. 

Here are the ad formats available for impact objective: 
  1. Pre-Roll Video Ads
  2. Mid-Roll Video Ads 
  3. Branded Cards 
Once you've chosen the objective, the next step is to select the right ad formats. Learn more about ad formats available here. 

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