Why is there a discrepancy between data reported and my tracking system?

Why is there a discrepancy between data reported and my tracking system?

The following could be the reasons for such data discrepancies: 
  1. You are provided an option to insert tracking pixels on your campaigns at the time of setting up your campaign. If the tracking pixel is setup incorrectly or not at all at the time of setting up the campaign, the visits to your landing page might not be attributed correctly
  2. We record clicks when the user clicks on the ad, while your tracking pixel is typically fired when the user actually lands on your page. If a user goes back to the media session on Hotstar before your page loads, you could see a slightly lower number on your reporting platform as compared to the click numbers reported by us.

If you see discrepancies in your campaign reports as compared to your tracking system, please write to us at advertise@hotstar.com and we will help resolve this. 

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