How do I view my campaign reports?

How do I view my campaign reports?

Performance data on your campaign is updated every hour. We provide summary as well as detailed reports on your campaigns. 

  1. Your campaign dashboard has summary metrics (percentage of goal completed, CTR, and number of impressions / clicks / views delivered) at a campaign, adset and ad level.
  2. Click on the menu on the far right of the campaign, the option to "View reports" will take you to the detailed report of your campaign. Here you will be able to see all available campaign metrics against various breakdowns. 
  1. The following metrics are available:
    1. Impressions
    3. Clicks
    4. CTR
    5. Reach
  1. The following breakdowns are available: 
    1. Time
    2. Adset
    3. Ad
    4. Age
    5. Gender
    6. State
    7. City
To better understand the terminologies used, please refer to the Glossary Section

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