What is a Spotlight Stub?

What is a Spotlight Stub?

Spotlight stubs are native display ads that are placed alongside video content on Disney+ Hotstar.

When should I use a Spotlight Stub?

Spotlight stubs are a good choice for driving consideration or traffic to your website.

What are the creative specifications of a Spotlight Stub?


1032px × 444px

File Type


Max File Size

150 KB

      Campaign Title

      Max. 24 characters

      (including spaces)

Pro tip: 
  1. Use contrasting background colors that don't clash with the wrapper background color. 
  2. Keep the creatives free from all call to actions. Our design accommodates for the call to action that you select while setting up the campaign. 
  3. If you're promoting a coupon in your creatives, please do not use it as the CTA. 

What are the available targeting options for Spotlight Stubs?

A spotlight stub is available for consideration objective. You can target your audience based on: 
  1. Demographics
  2. Geography 
  3. Interest
  4. Devices 
  5. Mobile Carriers 
  6. Custom Audience 

How will I be charged?

Spotlight stubs are available at cost-per-1000 impressions (CPM) or cost per click (CPC).

  1. CPM: Ad impression counted when display ad is served to the viewer
  2. CPC: Click counted to desired landing page or destination
If you have any questions, please reach out to us at advertise@hotstar.com . 

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