What are the targeting options available?

What are the targeting options available?

Our constant endeavor is to help you deliver the right message to the right audience. Here are the targeting options available on AdServe.

1. Demographics 
Reach highly engaged audiences based on their age and gender.

2. Geography
Showcase your brand message to audiences in a specific state or city.

3. Interest
Choose your audience based on their interests and preferences. Through interest-based targeting, you'll be able to deliver highly relevant messages to your audience.

4. Language 
Be closer to your audience by delivering your brand message in the language they prefer.

5. Devices 
Deliver your brand message to your audiences based on the device they use, right from affordable to premium devices.

6. Mobile carriers 
Segment your audiences based on their preferred mobile carriers.

7. Custom audiences 
If you have an existing audience that you'd like to reach out to on Hotstar, you can do so with custom audiences. You can create a custom audience based on:
  1. Advertising IDs
  2. Email IDs
  3. Phone numbers
Learn more about creating a custom audience here. 

To know more, write to us at advertise@hotstar.com

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