Updates to AdServe on Oct 10th 2019

Updates to AdServe on Oct 10th 2019

Highlights of the updates available on AdServe since 10th October 2019:

In our constant endeavor to make Hostar Adserve more user-friendly, we’ve recently made some changes to your existing dashboard.

1. Manage all aspects of your business from the new 'Business Manager Dashboard'
You can now seamlessly access all facets of your business be it creating advertiser accounts, inviting members, or managing billing and payments from your business manager dashboard. 

Below is the view of your new dashboard.

The Advertiser accounts can be managed by clicking the icon on the extreme right (the one next to the ‘Created On’ date) which is associated with each advertiser account card. 

2. Add multiple brands within your 'Advertiser Account Dashboard'

No need to create separate advertiser accounts for different brands. An advertiser account can now have multiple brands, new brands can be added from within the advertiser account dashboard. 

In the image below, you can see how to add a brand to your ad account.

3. Introducing the new 'Member' tab

You can now invite and manage member access from the ‘Members’ tab within the business manager dashboard. You can provide them admin/ member access based on their role in your campaign.

This is how adding a new member would look like in your new dashboard.

4. Create your Billing Profile upfront
You can now create a billing profile upfront under the 'Billing and Payments' tab under your business manager dashboard. 

You will very soon also be able to view your invoices under the 'Invoices' tab in the 'Billing and payments' tab.

These were all the updates for this release. Stay tuned, we’ve got a lot more updates coming for you!

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