Terminologies Used

Terminologies Used

1. AVOD : Advertising Video on Demand - Ad based VOD model that is free for users. Users are free to
                   login and stream while viewing advertisements during the content

2. Ad Account : Account(s) created under the business account

3. Adsets : A combination of advertiser's target audience, budget and schedule

4. Billboards : Large banner ads appearing on top of the home page to get greater visibility 

5. Brands : Brand(s) created under each ad account 

6. Bumper Ads : A short actionable video message in 6 seconds or less to increase awareness

7.  Business Account : Account associated with an agency or an independent business

8. Campaign : A campaign contains one or more ad sets and ads. Advertiser's will choose one ad 
                            objective for each of their campaigns 
9. Carousel : Showcasing different products or detail about one product along with the video ads 
                       thereby providing both branding and provision for interaction for viewers  

10. CPC - Cost Per Click : Actual price advertiser's pay for each click in their pay-per-click (PPC) 
                                             marketing campaigns

11. CPCV : Cost Per Completed View : Cost that the advertisers pay each time a video has been 
                                                                     viewed through to completion

12. CPM - Cost per Mille :  The price of 1,000 advertisement impressions on a webpage 

13. CPV (Cost Per Visitor/View) : A system for video campaigns where advertiser's pay for a view. A 
                                                           view is counted when a viewer watches a minimum designated 
                                                           seconds of advertiser's video ad, or interacts with the ad,
                                                           whichever comes first. Video interaction includes clicks, on the call
                                                           to action overlays (CTAs), cards, and companion banners

14. CTA Ads : Call to Action ads – Use of words or phrases incorporated into the advertisement 
                        message in order to encourage consumers to take prompt action 

15. Custom Audience : Ad targeting option that allows advertisers to target an audience that 
                                        consumes content on the OTT platform

16. Display Ad : Advertising through banners or other ad formats comprising of text, images, 
                            flash, videos, and audio in order to increase awareness, and drive website 
                            traffic/app installs 

17. Impressions : The number of times a particular content is displayed, no matter if it was clicked or not

18. Impression Tracker: A tool to track impressions for an advertisement 

19. Interest Based Targeting: Ad targeting option that allows advertisers to target an audience 
                                                   whose interest broadly aligns with the advertiser’s business 

20. Lead Generation : Capturing the details of the leads during mid roll ads

21. Live Streaming: Online streaming media simultaneously recorded and broadcasted in real time 

22. Mid Roll Ads : 0 - 30 seconds or more of  promotional video content that plays between the content
                                the user is watching 
23. Pre – Roll Ads : A promotional video message that plays before the content the user has selected

24. Video Ad Completion Rate : The percentage of all video ads that play through their entire duration 
                                                         to completion

25. URL : Uniform Resource Locator : An address that shows where a particular page can be found on 
                 the World Wide Web

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